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St. Johnson INC (STJ), established by Mr. Ken Lin carries the legacy of Philip Johnson, known as the “Godfather of Postmodernism”. Based on PJAR Asia STJ inherits Mr. Johnson’s philosophy of pursuing design excellence and flexibility to maximize client’s value beyond functionality. In 2006 STJ acquired Shanghai Pudong Land Development Planning &Design Inc. (SPLD) to further expand exposure and focus in Great China and surrounding regions. FS Property Management Company is another step of STJ further concentrating its resource in emerging renovation and creative office space in China.

Understanding unique aspects of culture and their context STJ has demonstrated its design creativity and problem solving skill through more than one hundred projects within 10 years. St. Johnson INC integrates the insightful understanding of program and international experience to provide our clients one stop full service from programming, land planning and urban design, full architectural design, renovation and interior design as well as onsite coordination. Our projects range from new town planning, office park, high-rise complex, hotel and resort, shopping mall complex and luxury residential complex not only in China but also in Taiwan, US, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, South America and Central Asia.

“If you can dream about a design we will make it reality”. Mr. Johnson’s motto will continuously inspire STJ team to build up solid projects and future client base for competitions in field. With more than 40 architects and planners our team combines the best of international design talent and diligent local qualified professionals to deliver design beyond expectation and imaginations. For us great art is always Extra-ordinary!